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Hagerty Employee

Upcoming Ford Maverick spied on the assembly line | Hagerty Media

One of the clearest shots yet of Ford's upcoming Maverick small truck was posted to the forum last week. The image, ostensibly from the Maverick's assembly plant in Hermosillo, Mexico, shows the body in perspective-warping camouflage, but the shape of the headlights and grille is almost totally uncovered.

Meh, I've owned a bunch of Fords and still have two of them But for recent political reasons and where these vehicles are made I will never buy another one. Shame on Ford.
Advanced Driver

So why hasn't Ford done this with the little "Transit Connect" vans? Forget the four doors/back seat, just an extended cab with a little storage (and seat reclining) room behind it and an open cargo bed. Might not be the greatest for a "civilian" vehicle, but for a light industrial/commercial transporter it would be fantastic!