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Hagerty Employee

Under $15K: 3 classics with wildly different personalities

No matter how you look at it, the car hobby isn’t a cheap one. There’s buying a car, then there’s registration, insurance, fuel, and storage to consider. And that’s before you even get to parts and maintenance. Luckily, though, there are tons of entry-level vehicles out there that offer the fun and satisfaction of collector car ownership.


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Pit Crew

For me I'd take the Bmw. The TR6 is super cool but I imagine it would be a heart breaker in terms of upkeep.


Triumph and BMW both seem like a pricey upkeep recommendation for an entry-level (first-time/novice) enthusiast to get onto. Specialized dealership & service and parts availability in more places than not.


Really any truck could be an entry level collector not just special editions. Just depends what you want your collector vehicle to be able to do. In stock form most trucks might not be the best weekend cruise vehicle for most.


Miata and Mustangs are kind of the obvious recommendation for the newbie. Camaro or Challenger if that flavor suits you more.


Even various VW (bug, Golf, Jetta, etc.) would all be better for a entry-level person than a Triumph or BMW. But VW isn't necessarily cheap either, but at least they are plentiful.

Hagerty Employee

Lightning all the way. SWEET. 

Pit Crew

Lightning the most practical all around performer in this group.  Ready for a road trip to anywhere, with few issues and the A/C blasting. The others are nice to look at I guess. 


I would have to say the TR6. I currently have a restored MGB. British cars are a blast to drive!


How about GM 2-seaters under $5k ? (Reatta, Allante, Fiero).

New Driver

I have had BMWs and no thanks.  The cost of keeping one of these beauties up borders on the ridiculous.  There is a reason that BMWs are among the fastest depreciating cars on the planet.

Not applicable

Since you have a 1995 model on the list,  why not stretch it out to a 1998-2002 Boxster? I believe they are still sub-15k even with an IMS upgrade.

New Driver

Lightning is my choice followed by the TR6.