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Hagerty Employee

Unanimous FTC vote bolsters "Right to Repair" fight, BRZ stays under $30K, Maybach and G-Class going electric

Welcome to The Manifold, our fresh daily digest of news and what's happening in the car world. Intake: The Federal Trade Commission voted unanimously on Wednesday to ramp up enforcement of Right-to-Repair laws, a move that supports the right of consumers to fix their own cars, farm equipment, phones, and other appliances.

Love the right-to-repair action. I have a camera lens that Nikon screwed up, and I think they would benefit from some competition. I'm pretty sure I would.

Re: the VW— “Don’t expect this concept to translate into anything concrete, but as an entertaining distraction from most boring SUVs, it worked for us—what about you?” Nope. Still boring. Put a manual transmission in it!

The biggest issue I've had with "Right to Repair" is the title. We've always had the right to repair, just not necessarily the right to proprietary information that would facilitate it. Semantics I know, but words mean things to me.

The right to repair is noble but in today’s world so many are not able to afford the info or software to do 5he repair let along get it right. 

We are no longer working on 307 Novas with nearly no electronics anymore. 

My buddy spends thousands of dollars just for repair info and programming. 

Also automakers are held responsible for emissions for so many years. They need to not be held liable if some one monkeys with the computer.