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Hagerty Employee

U.S. Congress passes bill to commemorate Route 66 centennial in 2026

Big celebrations require plenty of planning—sometimes years of it. The U.S. House of Representatives has passed SEMA-supported legislation to create a commission “that would recommend ways to commemorate the 100th anniversary of Route 66” in 2026. The historic 2448-mile stretch of road was commissioned in 1926 as the first all-paved U.S. highway.


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Intermediate Driver

I wish congress would spend their time dealing with important issues instead stuff like this.

Pit Crew

Be careful for what you wish.


At least they actually dealt with this.

Intermediate Driver

 Drove Route 66, a few years back. It was a trip I will always remember. Would love to see the roads marked better. There has been some improvements in signage, but there is still several roads that are hard to find. Had a great time talking to people along the road that knew a lot of family and road history. Would do it again!



In a few months I’ll be moving to the Kingman/Bullhead City area. 

Route 66 passes through Kingman AZ heading East. 

There are a couple of Route 66 Museums in Kingman, “Route 66 Just Do It”, “Arizona Route 66 Museum”, in the city, I’d like to see places like that along the route get some benefit from this. 


Did the trip 2 years ago(just from Oklahoma to Grand Canyon).  Had a great time and plan to do the whole thing this summer.


I am selling my fully restored 1966 Corvette convertible soon; and thinking it's time to make Route 66 trip - since we live here in Arizona. How cool is that - driving Route 66 in our 1966 Corvette conertible? 



My wife and I did the trip (Cali to Chicago) the last two weeks of October. What an amazing adventure! Can't wait to do it again!

New Driver

It takes about 40 minutes from where I'm based to be on Route 66.  My wife and I have had the chance to drive this famous road, in segments, through Illinois...some nicely preserved stretches to other areas that will take a toll on your suspension (those are the coolest...almost forgotten portions of Route 66!).  If you are in the St. Louis area, I'd recommend you locate and walk across the Mississippi via The Chain Of Rocks bridge.  If you are able, take some time to drive (and enjoy) Route 66, be sure to bring your camera, perhaps an old vehicle and capture some incredibly interesting images of part of American history.  You'll be glad you took the time to do it.  I, for one, am pleased we are preserving AND celebrating Route 66.IMG_1800.jpg

Intermediate Driver