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Hagerty Employee

U.S. Army seeking proposals for a tougher, faster fighting vehicle | Hagerty Media

The U.S. Army is soliciting industry proposals for its Optionally Manned Fighting Vehicle (OMFV), a planned replacement for the current Bradley Infantry Fighting Vehicle. According to, survivability will be the no. 1 characteristic of the OMFV, which will have the ability to fend off tanks, helicopters, artillery, and other fighting vehicles and advance through an enemy security zone while protecting the infantry soldiers inside.
New Driver

Your first picture is an M88 Armored Recovery Vehicle rather than an M2/M3 IFV--it would be used to drag tanks or IFVs out of the fight or to perform repairs in situ.
Intermediate Driver

For another perspective on Pentagon programs, watch "The Pentagon Wars", starring Kelsey Grammer. A really funny story about how they spent $14 billion (in 80's dollars) to develop the current Bradley Fighting Vehicle. My guess is the replacement program will only cost 3-4 times it's intended budget.