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Hagerty Employee

Two-Stroke Smoke: A guide to two-stroke collector motorcycles | Hagerty Media

Like the horse and buggy, in their era two-stroke motorcycles were a highly useful technology that eventually got left behind. That's good news for collectors today, as they're cheap, plentiful and fun - and range from mild to wild. They are quick and light, smoky and loud, consume gas at a reckless rate, and will [...]
New Driver

I just picked up a very nice condition 1982 Honda MB5 and the little guy is really a blast! Best part is NY will register them as a moped, which means very inexpensive road fees.

Pit Crew

I owned a new Yankee "Z" back in the early 70's and bought if from a dealer that actually designed and fabricated the Yankee's fiberglass tank, fenders etc out of Ashburnham, Mass. Final assembly for the bikes was in Schenectady NY. Only a few were sold (and a classic I wish I'd kept.) and basically two OSSA 250 engines mated together in a common crankcase and the both fired at the same time feeling more like a 500 single! It was a purpose built enduro/trail machine and the Kelsey Hayes disc brake in the rear was the first of its kind. The comment by John Stein in The "Big Bore of Yore" article (Hagerty Driving Club June edition)regarding the disc brake should've been in front is incorrect. Front brakes are useless on a dirt/trail bike and the use of the back brake was much more effective for braking while steering in dirt etc without washing out the front wheel!. Regardless, the Japanese influx of low cost trail bikes at that time sank the boat for the Yankee (and Spanish bike industry in general) but a great piece of history! There is a fine collection of OSSA's and Yankee's at the Vintage Trail Bike Museum in Western Massachusetts! Jim Hoellerich has amassed what is likely the largest collection of these bikes anywhere! By appointment only. Went there last year! Oh what memories since I had owned both an Ossa Pioneer and a Yankee! So nice to see such a rare bike mentioned!