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Two neighbors, two garages, two project cars

Your neighborhood can put on a great car show, but imagine the possibilities when you meet your car-savvy neighbors on a regular basis? I was fortunate enough to have a neighbor reach out, strike up a conversation, and become more than just someone you ask to collect your mail when you're on vacation. Because for me, it only went downhill got better from there!


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Intermediate Driver

It really is a shame about the Cobalt, I think one day there will be a nostalgic market for them similar to the current Japanese car craze. I don't know when that will happen but that one was the right version (turbo) with the right color and option. I think they look best in black because it hides some of the... less fortunate stylings of the Cobalt.

One thing I can say is from my experience with Cobalts at work, I had to replace the turn signal bulbs after roughly every 300 miles of driving. I don't know what it was about the front signals, they weren't the DRLs. The fleet cars were lightly driven but it seemed like every 3rd time I got behind the wheel, fast blink! It drove me nuts. You have to take the headlight assembly out to replace it and it always seemed to happen about 3/4 of the way to my destination or when I was running late for a meeting. And I had to take it to the mechanic to fix it - like a regular person!


I see the Lincoln is coming along... well, it doesn't seem to be coming along. But I am not one to judge as my car was sidelined for over 3 years because a gremlin got into it and crossed 2 plug wires - but I digress.

You're going to have to have someone make those stripes for you, unfortunately. But luckily, you still have the originals to color sample. The bigger challenge will be the interior unless you are just planning to clean up the seats and keep them.

What you've done so far is amazing. I'd be half tempted to put the body panels back on, wash it, and rock it. Rest assured though, once done you'll be king of the "I don't get it but I love it" guys at Cars and Coffee.

Community Manager

" You'll be king of the "I don't get it but I love it" guys at Cars and Coffee."

That's high praise, indeed.  Thanks for your thoughts, I felt the same way about the Cobalt, as I enjoyed the XFE model I wrote about years ago. It wasn't an impressive car per se, but it was still satisfying and I appreciated its mission.  Maybe even more than the SS.