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Hagerty Employee

Two Le Mans-hardened Viper GTS-Rs that you can buy right now

By the late-1990s, the Viper’s widowmaker status had already become known, and its brash V-10 and Hot Wheels-wild styling made it a favorite poster on the walls of garages and bedrooms. It’s not too hard to imagine yourself near the end of summer 2001, grinding through lower class races and license tests on a brand-new copy of Gran Turismo 3: A-Spec. The game was stingy with credits, meaning that stacking up the 1 million required for a Viper GTS demanded a fair bit of time investment; often, your ambitions were defeated by the game system itself. The ORECA-built Vipers had graced the Real Driving Simulator’s car list before, but few stood out like the red-and-white 2000 GTS-Rs found in the winner’s circles of race tracks and PlayStation consoles.


It’s now 20 years later, and you’re not sure you know where that original copy of GT3 is—or if it’s readable by the laser of a similarly old PS2, even if you could dig it out of the depths of the past. However, maybe the time is right to buy the very Viper you once idolized in a tube television, because it’s finally for sale at LBI Limited.


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Intermediate Driver

Gran Turismo 3. Boy that guy sucks as a driver. Very poor control in the turns. He thinks he's on a dirty track. 🤣


The most valuable piece of information (listing price) is too important to share with your lowly customers? After all Hagerty is famous for it's vehicle value information.

Community Manager

We would tell you if we knew!  LBI is not listing a price, they say "Please Inquire" instead.