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Hagerty Employee

Turn Four Restorations keeps Brickyard relics race-ready | Hagerty Media

From the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, take Crawfordsville Road northwest for 12 miles, and you'll come to Brownsburg, population 27,000. The town is home to many of the nation's greatest race teams, and in one network of gray offices and subtly labeled shop spaces lie the headquarters for the most recent Indy 500-winning team (Rahal Letterman Lanigan Racing), the Rolex 24 victors (Wayne Taylor Racing), and the NHRA Funny Car champs (Don Schumacher Racing).
Intermediate Driver

These guys need to be in communication with Goodwood GRRC in England/UK to coordinate getting these over there to be seen, heard, and touched. They love a good USAmerican presence in their cars for Festival of Speed. Goodwood estate has a "yard of bricks" start/finish line, which I have driven across personally multiple times. Cars like this need to be driven; and they need to be enjoyed by the fans, the world-over, imo. I wear a Goodwood ballcap everyday here in USAmerica, and I am a GRRC member.

Pit Crew

As an Indy fan since the 50's, I thoroughly enjoyed the article. Wish I could tour the place. It would be better than a candy store and easier on the waistline.

Really needed a larger number of photos and or video of the cars and place! Got an address?
Nice article on some of the people that keep the vintage Indy stuff alive!
Pit Crew

Great story and photos!
Pit Crew

Wow! What a fantastic shop. I would LOVE to see this place.....better than a museum.
New Driver

This is a great article. But what is the reference to AJ Foyt's Indy-winning Coyote that was restored in 2018? I thought that both the 67 and 77 winning cars have been in the Speedway Museum collection for years. I'm surprised that they would be ripping around vintage exhibitions in the Midwest.

I would like to see these or cars like them doing the pace laps and leading the pack around the track at the indy 500... wouldnt that be cool... NASCAR could do the same with their old stock cars... it would be better than watching a toyota camary leading the pace laps...

Vintage racers as pace cars. Now that is a fantastic idea.

I love these old shops and would love to live near one when I retire just to hang out and help with no pay. I love this kind of work to learn. I started this way in my youth working on a stock car crew that later has led to my daily job in the racing industry.

I live close to the Blimp base for Goodyear. They have looked for volunteers to apprentice as blimp riggers. I would like that if I did not have to go up on the swings to do the work high up. Heights are not my thing.
New Driver

The first Indy I saw was 1959 when Roger Ward won. I knew him through a mutual acquaintance. He spoke to us at our local hotrod club--what a privilege.

Does anyone know if Roger's winning car is in the collection?
New Driver

Wow, I would love to see the shop in person. Bruce Kanepa has a shop near me in Scotts Valley that is very similar. He specializes in Porches and has examples of some really cool personal cars from all over that are being worked on there.
New Driver

Thank you Cameron and Hagerty for the great article and nice photos! I grew up on a farm near Indy and racing has played such a big part in Indiana and it's nice to see this spotlight on Rick Duman’s Turn Four Restorations.
New Driver

Is that Troy Ruttman's 1952 Indy winner?

Nice to see somebody with a dream job!
Intermediate Driver

One of my millionaire dreams is to buy a restored ‘70s vintage Indy car, have it detuned a bit and set up for road course racing just to attend track days and blast around the circuit. How much fun would that be?

Those blue exhausts, so cool. What a great shop. Would love to visit and see everything there.