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Tune into this Chevy small-block dyno watch party

It’s difficult to have a consistent perspective on horsepower as technology rapidly evolves. When the new-hotness looks nothing like the old-bustedness, it can be especially tricky to trace the family lineage of our favorite powerplants. Thankfully, if there’s one consistency at Chevrolet, it’s the small-block V-8—the venerable pushrod-actuated mill that has powered hundreds of millions of vehicles over its 65-year reign. The engine has gone through a few major revisions, but its 4.4-inch bore spacing and 16-valve pushrod configuration remains at the heart of Chevrolet’s V-8 lineup.


Richard Holdener has been locked away in a dark corner of Westech’s horsepower empire for the better part of his life running engines against the dyno to figure out the truth of the matter when it comes to making power. Today’s featured video is a rare slice into the wealth of data that Holdener’s collected on various engine combos—specifically, on three different small-blocks.


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B alot better w/o that guy or the vid (distractions). Just the 3 charts is all we need for the most info.