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Hagerty Employee

Toyota shows off custom-built Tacoma and a trio of Supras for SEMA 360

This is the time of year when we’d normally be covering the SEMA show in Las Vegas, but this isn’t a normal year. While the SEMA show won’t be happening in person, many companies are participating in SEMA360, a series of online events that highlight new products in the automotive aftermarket. Toyota typically has an impressive spread of off-road and track vehicles to show off and has kept the tradition going with a Tacoma and a trio of Supras to show what enthusiasts can do with a bit of custom work.


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Yet Toyota leaves drum brakes on the rear of the Taco......

Community Manager

Well yeah, you can't do logical and "hidden" upgrades on a SEMA car. Why Toyotas still have drums on their somewhat-premium priced trucks is a whole 'nother discussion.