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Hagerty Employee

Toyota plots electric LFA, MR2 successors, Harley's EV brand wants to go public, Maserati keeps it Classiche

Intake: He may be a little late to the EV party, but Akio Toyoda is making a big entrance. The Toyota and Lexus boss has just announced a flagship successor to the extraordinary LFA sports car that will accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in two seconds, have a driving range of over 430 miles, and may use solid-state batteries.
Advanced Driver

I will be interested in Harley's EV success. Where I live, the HD culture is loud. I'm not sure how that will evolve in the world of EV. Maybe very fast and quiet is just as good as kinda fast and loud. As a resident, quiet would be nice, but I don't think my hog brothers agree.

HD needs the EV thing to work so badly it is frightening. The ICE HD business is not performing well, and the stock has been taking a beating. Will E-bikes bring in fresh blood? Based on some of the price points that I have seen, it looks doubtful. The good news is the E-bikes actually look like bikes, as opposed to the majority of EVs which look like a second grader designed them.

The pictures on our walls have been hung with heavy duty hardware to withstand the neighborhood Hog pilots with straight pipes. Being neighborly is not their forte. I'm guessing that suppliers like Vance & Hines will not be looking forward to the E-bike movement.

The LFA was made famous by its SOUND. Not sure there is much else to capitalize on based on the prior ICE vehicle. But sure, throw in a super car EV, it can't hurt. And it won't look a like a baby shoe (tesla) that is for sure.

The LFA is an amazing car and I have had the ability to be in and around them quite a bit in the past. The sound, the handling is just amazing. It's on my short list of cars I would love to own (but almost certainly never will). I wish this was going to be more of a hydrogen or some other kind of non-battery type EV. To me batteries are the weakness of the EV and just wasteful.
Intermediate Driver

Soon you'll be able to spot an electric car from miles away by appearance. Don't ever confuse that with being a positive comment.
Pit Crew

having driven both laguna seca and sonoma recently, it's the latter that really needs to have its track surface repaved. from the apex on turn 2 crossing to the entry of turn 3, the pavement at sonoma is so bad it feels like you're undergoing suspension failure.
Intermediate Driver

I wonder what will happen if the govt has to point a gun at reluctant consumers essentially forcing us to buy battery cars? Will govt subsidies have to be increased as incentive to buy? More tax money to convert from fossil fuel driven autos to charging stations through out America? I cannot help thinking the very heart of the American is the freedom of choice. Has anyone been stuck in a snow storm on the road with a traffic jam and having to wonder if your battery has enough charge to keep you warm? We have plenty of oil to run our cars so rushing into a system which is far from being as reliable is foolhardy in my opinion.