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Toyota confirms GR hot hatch for the U.S. market

It's been a while since America got a drift-happy Corolla from Toyota, but with the latest generation providing a good base chassis, what the rest of the world got as the GR (Gazoo Racing) Yaris may well evolve into a hot Corolla hatch for the U.S. market. For now, here's how far Toyota would go about such a GR car:


"While GR Yaris isn't coming to the U.S., perhaps it's time the U.S. got a Toyota hot hatch to call its own. One that continues to push the boundaries of performance. And one that can only come from Toyota Gazoo Racing."


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Replies (1)

Replies (1)

Cool! With a 2" lift kit and good rustproofing, this looks like a great midwest snow machine.

Advanced Driver