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Hagerty Employee

Toy car restoration is just as satisfying as the real thing

YouTube has established a devastatingly effective strategy to suck viewers in, making them watch far more videos than they’d bargained for. That’s pretty much the only way to explain how I went from watching car tech tips and restorations like our own Redline Rebuild series to seeing a 1970s Tonka race car get fully restored to better-than-new glory. I’m not mad about it.


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Pit Crew

Re: the headline- no.

Advanced Driver

Excellent tutorial, techniques I wouldn't have thought of. To be fair, I think he used about $2,000 worth of specialized tools, but still impressive. The only downside is that I'm sure a toy collector would tell him he took a $200 collectors item and turned it into a $2 toy by rebuilding it.


Yeah. Too bad the classic/collector car world doesn't work that way. Imagine a fully restored '70 Hemicuda being worth less than a rusted out hulk. One can only dream.


Terrific article and video. I love old toy cars.