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Top five classic car summer pastimes | Hagerty Media

Classic cars are timeless and live on through the ages, and so do the pastimes and the memories that come with them. Here are five favorite pastimes that have persevered through much of automotive history: Drive-in movies: They were - and are - a wonderful, prominent part of Americana.

   Those are all legit nostalgia and fun things to do in your classic.  There was one thing we did with those cars "back in the day", however, which isn't listed, and which 9.7-out-of-every-10 guys participated in: "try to pick up girls".  Of course, it isn't possible to replicate that activity these days (and it wasn't even always successful back then), but I guarantee you, it was a #1 or #2 activity on nearly every teen's list from 1950 until about the late '80s.  Come to think about it, there were quite a few girls who were using their cars to "try to pick up guys" back then, too.  It was an equality-affirming-pastime!