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Top banana: Meguiar's Hi-Tech Yellow Wax shines | Hagerty Media

I'm not a big fan of products that purport to do multiple things. Few of the combination printer, copier, fax and scanners that I've owned have been as good as the dedicated machine for each task. So it is in car care too, where all-in-one cleaner waxes go up against multiple product systems that involve [...]

I know there are multiple good products out there.

I use the multi grade of polishes and seal with a wax. The wax I found that really works and is very easy is Chemical Guys Pete’s Black Pearl.

I show a black car and found that it takes the polish level and not only seals but enhances. It is a wipe on wipe off with ease. No powder etc.

Half my car is 35 year old GM paint and I took best paint at a Pontiac show last year. This was vs people who had paint that cost more than my car.

Showing a black car is difficult but this new combination is a vast improvement.

I still use some of Meguires Professional polishes like Diamond It but I often use 3M micro for dark paint and Chemical Guys Black Light.