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Top 10 Barn Finds: Breaking down the top ten stories from the show | Barn Find Hunter - Ep. 89


The trips, finds, and interesting people have been countless, but there is at least one thing about Barn Find Hunter that we can count--how long Tom and the team have been at it. A lot can happen in five years, and there have been plenty of awesome finds and happenings during Barn Find Hunter filming. We asked Tom and the crew to highlight the top 10 finds thus far and now we get to see what they selected.


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Pit Crew

Tom, You have the absolute best job in the universe. This was a terrific episode, and I am envious and jealous. I thank you.


Wonderful episode and I had not seen some of these finds before which made it even better. I do recall number 11 and especially the Lincoln that was resting upon a container which looked like a great restoration project.


I always enjoy watching Barn Find, here at Hagerty, and love Tom.  Often I feel heartbroken by the sad state of most of these cars, but I still enjoy watching the episodes.  This episode was great.  Thanks Tom!

New Driver

got two classis roadsters barn stored for 50 yrs