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To the 2017–20 Lincoln Continental: Rest in peace

Ford confirmed what we’ve assumed for months: The tenth-generation Lincoln Continental ceases production at the end of this year. Except it will be available throughout 2021 in China, because the Chinese still love executive sedans more than we do. As Matthew McConaughey, Lincoln’s brand-reviving pitchman, once said, “Life is a series of commas, not periods.”


Which explains the Continental’s tumultuous existence, as its several rebirths over the decades were a mixed bag of successes and failures.


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When I saw this blandmobile inside a glass cube at the LA Auto Show upon introduction, my first exclamation was “meh”.

Ford could have perhaps  soldiered on with the Panther platform rear wheel drive- given a clever restyle, and owned the livery and (with a Crown Vic) police vehicle market. 

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