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New Driver

Tire safety

I got a lesson on tire safety several years ago. Cruising about 70 mph on the Interstate, my wife was giving our granddaughter a fun top-down drive to the lake. That was interrupted when the right rear tire ripped free from its rim and sailed low over their heads. Fortunately she quickly eased left onto the grassy median away from traffic. After her call I rushed the 30 miles from home to find the girls shaken but OK - and a state police officer waiting for me. Since we're seniors, he kindly offered to change the tire. When I went shopping for a new set of tires, I learned that the tires were 10+ years old and should have been changed long ago. The car, '01 Miata we bought new and pamper, now gets timely tire replacements.

Community Manager

Glad to hear everyone is okay, and yes, old tires do exactly this!  If they are over 7 years old, ESPECIALLY when stored outside, they need to be replaced. Driving on the highway on old tires is asking for trouble, I learned this the hard way about 20 years ago and never made that mistake again! (I almost slipped off the road in a thunderstorm!)