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Hagerty Employee

Throwback: Zimmer Quicksilver: Cool neoclassic or expensive Fiero?

The name Zimmer may not register with many car enthusiasts these days, but back in the 1980s, Zimmer was a big name in the neoclassic industry. Neoclassic, you ask? That moniker applies to a subset of vehicles built in the ’70s and ’80s which have a striking resemblance to the Mercedes-Benz SSK. Founded in 1978, Zimmer found success with its flagship Golden Spirit, which was based on a Ford Mustang chassis and drivetrain.


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Even we Fiero owners for the most found these a novelty or just a bit odd. 

I had a local dealer that sold these. They moved few. 

Most of these trade at lower prices. Not a big market for them and restoring one can be easily more than it is worth. 

These are cars best left to those with the acquired taste for something a bit different and return on investment is not a concern. 

You want a better rebodied option. Look for a Mera. It is the dealer sold 308 look alike. They are doing well value wise if clean and still are very popular with few in supply. Get a clean 88. 

Community Manager

As an owner of said Zimmer, I can assure you that nothing, absolutely nothing turns heads like a ZQS.  I once "made" a guy run through a hedge (cutting himself in the process) just to see the car he'd only seen in photos. It was amazing. 


Interesting, but can't shake an obvious "parts bin" feeling overall. The view from the rear quarter reminds me of a late Riviera and I like it, but the Lincolnish grill doesn't work at all IMHO.