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Throwback: This rare Hot Wheels Camaro could be worth north of $100,000

Hot Wheels cars have always been collectible; that’s exactly the point. Ever since the Custom Camaro, the brand’s first model, hit toy store shelves in May 1968, fans of the 1:64-scale cars have been snapping them up. In the ensuing 50+ years since their introduction, Hot Wheels has introduced thousands of unique models in almost endless variations, but it’s the early ones, the Custom Camaro and the 15 that soon followed—known as the “Sweet Sixteen”—that serious collectors are drawn towards. As reported by Motor1, a recently discovered variant of the original Custom Camaro just turned up, and it may be worth more than $100,000.


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Ugh......Like my 400+ car collection of pristine vintage Hot Wheels (many duplicates in their unopened blister packs with metal buttons)........ravaged my my young nephew while I was away at college.......I returned to zero of them.....I was in shock!...c'est la vie!