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Throwback: How an armored Camaro kept civilians alive in war-torn Bosnia

Imagine that it’s 1993 in Yugoslavia. Night falls, and the indiscriminate shelling of a brutal civil war echoes in the distance. Amidst the remnants of battle, a flat black shape emerges from the shadows, tires crunching over rubble as it navigates a cratered road. It’s low, menacing, armored, and rumbling with V-8 thunder. The War Camaro is here to help.


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WOW!  What a story!!!  Thanks!


AWESOME !!!!!!!!!!!!


Like I posted on the old forums when this article was first posted:


This should be made into a movie. It doesn't need embellishment, Nick Cage, etc.



I love that the guy still has the car in a more usable-in-the-now form for him.


Agreed. Definitely should be made into a movie. Also, agree— no embellishment! And no CGI!

This man is a true humanitarian hero.

Every once in a war a person appears to aid others with no concern for his or her life.  There must be an award to recognize this work. I can think of the Raoul Wallenburg award as an example. Hagerty needs to find one perhaps the UN or GM can assist, both could use a good news story right now.

The story made me laugh, cry and amazed all at the same time.


Amazing.  GM needs to hear this story. Come on Hagerty. You guys have some pull with the General.  This could be some great positive publicity for the company and this man. Amazing story.  Sad that in 2020 I am just now hearing about it.  I wonder what the deal was with the butterfly hood scoop though... Maybe to filter out extra dirt coming through just 3 butterflies into an air filter vs. under hood open element air???  I have more questions about this!..  Thank you for this great story....  


Never heard this before! Great story!

You must be new here - Welcome! This is where I (and possibly many others?) learn about auto-related stuff that wouldn't otherwise get on my radar.

Ordinary people doing extraordinary things!
Thank you for your service and all that you’ve done!
The world is a better place with people like you!
Intermediate Driver

The conflict in that region was just brutal , with full coverage on tv every day. I remember it well and still am saddened at the footage i saw only once of a young boy laying dead, bleeding from the head , clutching a loaf of bread in one of his hands. He had been shot by a sniper. I am 65 now, that memory still makes me tear up. Thank God for the gentleman and his Camaro in this story. At least one positive note can be included from this terrible tragic time.