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Hagerty Employee

Thrifty Thrills: 10 under-the-radar car events that won't cost you an arm and a leg

For a long time, it seemed that classic car shows, rallies, and tours were reserved for spectacular cars typically out of reach to most of us. Fawning media coverage of such exclusive events only reinforced the thought.
Pit Crew

What, no autocross?

I like the 24 Hours of Lemons rule which states that any of the race judges can buy the winning car for $600(?). That helps keep price cheating (hidden performance upgrades) in check.

I also loved the upside down racer, and wonder how that was accomplished within the price rules...

I feel like I read this list before. Anyway it is a good list.

Anytime you can get together with some other car folks and have a good time is worth it.

In My experience, power tour, zip tie/duct tape, etc - niche events get popular than the Karen’s show up.

Still though, you don’t enter Lemons to make money and if you’re not examining the rules for every possible advantage, you’re not trying.
Pit Crew

I've done the "OG" Gambler 500 here in Oregon since 2017 and it's a pretty neat event. Somewhat a victim of it's own success... the spirit and format of the first time I went absolutely could not be replicated with the number of people/cars that now attend. Which is a bummer, I enjoyed the navigational rally aspect of it quite a bit. However, it was replaced by basically the Burning Man of **bleep**ty and zany cars. It is a one hell of a scene. Unfortunately I can't make this year, but it would be interesting to see how it is after the COVID hiatus and a new venue.
The smaller Gambler events, in my experience, are excellent and more enjoyable in many ways.
Enjoy the drive!
Intermediate Driver

Not sure about YOUR cars and coffee but these events started way before 2003. Huntington Beach hosted the Donut Derelicts since the mid '80s I heard of the term in the late '90s and by then the phrase was a common term for these events, at least out West

Nice list of fun things to do. Personally I enjoy cars and coffee events. I try to do a couple every month. The early Sunday morning drive is great, and get to hang around and b's about cars for a couple of hours. I would join up with the hot rod power tour but it has never been close to where I live ( ct). If they come, I'll join.
Intermediate Driver

You should make that 11. The Silver Stayed Classic closes 90 miles of Nevada two lane blacktop twice each year to let you drive your own car about as fast S's you want. The record is about 206 MPH for the 90 miles, but the first class is 90 MPH. There are hundreds of beautiful and completely dedicated race cars. It is mostly sponsored by the Corvette Club.

Silver State, right?