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Hagerty Employee

This woodsy "Landhaus" camper belongs in a Bavarian alpine village

When Americans dream of owning an iconic vintage camper, they generally think of an Airstream. When Germans dream of owning an iconic vintage camper, they think of a ... Any guesses? Allow us to fill in the blank. The answer-in Germany and throughout much of Europe-is Hobby.
Advanced Driver

Not very aerodynamic and it looks like a shoe box. I hope they built them better than the US companies did with their 'cardboard' construction that rotted to oblivion in a few short years.

I think all of them should be brought together for a caravan competition like the ones that the show "Top Gear" showcased. They were towed mercilessly around a track until they all disintegrated into oblivion. This article and ones like it, are the reason that POS Yugo is appreciating in value. Yes, let's immortalize poor Design, Engineering, and Materials.

I thought those shutters were painted on decoration, but it appears those are actual pieces of wood attached to the camper body, this thing is really strange. maybe it is the equivalent of a US park model.
Intermediate Driver

Does it have a kitsch-en sink?

Great response. Friendly, with no animosity. 😂

Wow, that's one big camper! Now I know why the Berlin Wall came down, because before that you'd have to park it in East and West Germany at the same time.

The roof makes a lot more sense than the traditional flat metal ones, which are prone to leakage that causes hidden and expensive damage to the wall studs.

weird lol

Jeez. Why all the negativity. This is a cute travel trailer that would be considered mid-size today. Not enough information is provided to assess the quality and engineering, but it has survived 40 years and looks to be in good shape. Germany has pretty strict vehicle regulations which would argue for reasonable care in construction, and the ongoing success of the company indicates their products are well received. All you haters take your tents and go for s hike.

I agree that some of the posters on these forums just like to tear people down. And, they make unsupported statements that belittle other folks. I guess their “mothers” never taught them that “if you have nothing nice to say, then say nothing at all”.
Pit Crew

I will bet that looking from the inside out through the windows will make you either dizzy or sick or BOTH!

Nothing at all wrong with this trailer, many would be more than glad to own it, gas is high here now, that puts a crimp in all manner of trailer or big coach travel, my relatives in Europe say gas there is near 8 and 9 bucks, I doubt many (and only the rich) could buy one or use it there, common people can own and run them here, a whole different ballgame in the US of A.
Intermediate Driver

For $5700 that would be an awesome, affordable love shack on wheels. Yeah, the shipping is a deal killer.
But you know…someday someone will bring them over to the States, start selling them on Bring-a-Trailer (hee hee), and the price will shoot through the tin roof. Bye-bye sweet, odd ball fantasy.

It would be a lot easier to manufacture with that roof! With the exterior decor I'd think this was intended to be more of a park model rather than a constantly towed travel trailer. Looks like someone "fixed" the roof by covering with a heavy tarp and screwing it down along the sides. Surely the roof didn't come like that from the factory! Unfortunately I can't read the German description. Pics show a well thought out interior for a early 80s trailer. As someone else pointed out, it must be well built to last so long in such relatively good condition, though owner care and maintenance plays a big part as well.

Anyone know, or have any guesses as to the purpose of the grab handles at each corner? Exterior pocket doors? Convenient carrying handles??

Too cute.
Building a House in the Mountains / live on site in a "caravan".
Been there/done that.