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Hagerty Employee

This wild RX-3 is another crazy feather in Mike Westwood's Canadian cap | Hagerty Media

The world of racing is filled with a cast of characters and it's always those tough-as-nails types who leave an impression. Think of Matt Damon's portrayal of Carroll Shelby in 2019's Ford v Ferrari.
New Driver

I remember Larry Westwood from his shop in Milton, Southern Performance in the early eighties. Built the motor for my 69 Mustang which still runs strong today. Was (is) the best and most knowledgeable mechanic I have ever met to this day. You can see from his son's work that the apple didn't fall far from the tree.

Came for the Mazda, stayed for the rods. Beautiful, inspired work.
Pit Crew

I live just outside Rockwood. I'll have to see if I can find his shop. Not that I need anything built right now, but who knows?
Intermediate Driver

Am I getting the basic idea right - Bond has an RX-3 modified into a race car, notices that RX-3s have become expensive to repair so decides to have a one-off car built as a replacement. It is better to have a custom shop replace banged-up unique panels from scratch than to source existing replacement parts? Perhaps they keep good notes to reproduce panels quickly? At least there is no guessing where to drop the car off for repair.

Very cool cars he creates there. Loved all of it.
Intermediate Driver

How do l get in touch with Mike Westwood?
Whats the shop called and or whats his number?