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Hagerty Employee

This wicked Porsche 944 drove from England to South Africa

As far as last hurrahs go, Ben Coombs certainly thought larger than most. An engineer by trade, Coombs decided that prior to selling his Alpine White Porsche 944 , he'd—along with his friend, Laura Reddin—enjoy one final adventure with it. This was no weekend trip with a few six packs and some firewood; for Coombs, his vision would take him much farther afield. When it got to driving time, he pointed the 944's nose south from his home in England—to Cape Town, South Africa.


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I am a 944 fan, the first one I bought was 1984 from a school teacher who gave me a book with it. The book was the story of this journey and the challenges they faced. It was truly an amazing story.

New Driver

What's the book called, I'd like to read it.
New Driver

Wow, now that's what I'd call an adventure of a lifetime, it's pretty hard to top that trip, a Porsche, a good looking girl, and the open desert roads!! Does anyone know what the book about this trip is called?