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This Vauxhall XVR Concept was a slinky, stillborn Opel GT rival

In the 1960s, Britain’s oldest car maker was pushing to also become its greatest designer. That plan, carried out in Vauxhall’s Design & Engineering Center, resulted in the XVR Concept, which was similar in design and concept to Opel’s GT. After seeing the Opel GT fail commercially, however, Vauxhall got cold feet. Read the full article on

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Cars like this should be used as movie cars.


Not the actual 3 real ones of course (should they even still exist) but there is such a rich heritage in great looking cars that never actually got produced for sale. Imagine this thing as a James Bond villain car, or something Charlize Theron steps out of after a great driving sequence (she can actually drive hard... be nice to see that in a film hint, nudge Fast & Furious).