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Hagerty Employee

This ultra-rare 1966 GT350 Convertible can soon be yours

Mecum’s Indianapolis sale has been postponed to July, but the docket is already full of stunning vehicles. Back in March we highlighted the announcement of the first-ever Shelby GT350R, part of the John Atzbach collection that features numerous rare and important Shelbys. Among them is this super-rare 1966 GT350 Convertible, offered at no reserve.


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Pit Crew

I was about to book my flight for the auction but then saw the photo and realized it was an auto. Just have to wait until a real one with a stick comes up. LOL. Jim

Pit Crew

I though all the Hertz GT350H cars were automatic transmission.


Pit Crew

I'm fairly certain it was never a true Hertz. Yes I think all Hertz models were autos. Jim

Intermediate Driver

My thought is that the car is the first chop job of four rare cars.  It would be interesting to know a couple of things.  How much was chopped up to put that stupid supercharger in and what has to be done to a cruise-o-matic to handle that supercharger?  Can those transmissions really be built to handle a supercharger?


Was the car produced with a/c, or was it installed by a PO?  If it’s a Hertz car, why no H after the “GT 350” signage?

Advanced Driver

It is not a Hertz car, but has Hertz Gold colors. According to Mecum, it is an original A/C car.

A DuraLast battery? really? At least buy a $15.00 Autolite branded battery topper for a $3/4 million car. 

Pit Crew

Ultra rare perhaps, but the 65/66 2+2 Mustang fastback has to be one of the best car designs out there, even more so as a GT350.


On February 14, 1978 (42 years ago, ouch) as a 14 year old I had the joy of seeing this car in Vinita OK. I bought my first 66 GT-350 on that day from the car's owner and his business partner.  I'm one of a few people who can say their second ride in a Shelby, my first was in 6S1191 purchased that day,  was in a real, one of four, 66 GT-350 convertible.  Clifford, the owner at that time and car's long term owner, was always gracious in giving rides at the various car shows and cruises he would attend.  


This one is going to be fun to watch as it crosses the block.  No offense to Hagerty, but I think your estimate is a little low.  

Advanced Driver

No offense taken, I am as eager to see what this sells for as well. Whatever this car sells for will likely adjust our price guide for GT350 Convertibles one way or another. We rely heavily on confirmed sales and expert sentiment on these types of rare cars, so this will help greatly with the next time we update GT350 values.
Pit Crew

It is a sad fate for these cars that were built to be DRIVEN.  Once a car is sold as a "rare collectible", it it doomed to pass from one rich investor to the next and seldom driven just the few miles off the trailer to the auction house.


I agree completely, my most valuable car is valued between 70-80K and could not be replaced, but it is on the road several times a week local and road trips.  Not only do I enjoy driving it but you see the pleasure others get from seeing it out and about.  With a few exceptions, if you can't drive it, it's just a curiosity.  

Intermediate Driver

If Shelby built it for "testing purposes" I wonder why the Cruise-O-Matic?


Nice car! But. A Shelby with an automatic? And a price tag that guarantees it will likely never be driven much less DRIVEN. Nope. Its for the art collector set.


I think it might be a C4 as they came out a coupla yrs B4 this was made (as apposed to  the afore mentioned cruz-a-matic). Now that I have some folks-in-the know I wanted some more understanding.  This car is a good example (to me) of this lack of understanding I have.         

I never understand how cars like this acquire such hi prices.  I hada antique collector in my fam (coins guns, china head dolls, U name it).  "Such and such owned this in xxx year. That brings the value upto $$$$!" I never understood it.  Some value cuz it's old, some due to rarity, the rest if its neat.  But provenance never meant nuttin to me.  Y is that an added figure in a value? "It won such'n such race!" So what? "It's from this lill tiny country in xxx." So what? I do NOT mean to be rude, just am ignorant, dumb...need some help...


Pit Crew

air conditioning?....