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This Tyrrell P34 continuation is the six-wheel freak show reborn

CGA Race Engineering, based in Warrington, England, has built a Tyrrell-backed continuation of the 1976 P34 (chassis no. 9). The P34 was Formula 1’s short-lived six-wheeled oddball, winning the hearts of racing fans as it chiseled away at the ’76 season to an ultimate victory at the Swedish Grand Prix’s Anderstorp Raceway.


The newly-built P34 follows Tyrrell’s exact plans to a T (other than the original titanium roll bar, which contemporary tech rules mandate must be made of steel).


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I too got to watch them race at Watkins Glen in 1976.  They were absolutely awesome and easily the crowd favorite.  I still have my AF-X G-Plus P34 even if the slot car track is long gone.  For some reason I lost interest in the P34 when they changed the upper portion of the body and painted it white.  

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