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Hagerty Employee

This Tyrrell P34 continuation is the six-wheel freak show reborn

CGA Race Engineering, based in Warrington, England, has built a Tyrrell-backed continuation of the 1976 P34 (chassis no. 9). The P34 was Formula 1’s short-lived six-wheeled oddball, winning the hearts of racing fans as it chiseled away at the ’76 season to an ultimate victory at the Swedish Grand Prix’s Anderstorp Raceway.


The newly-built P34 follows Tyrrell’s exact plans to a T (other than the original titanium roll bar, which contemporary tech rules mandate must be made of steel).


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Hagerty Fan
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Remember posters of this unique 6 wheeled machine when I was a pubescent dreamer. My initial thought was, "what a wonderful looking machine."

Intermediate Driver

Simply gorgeous.  Almost too beautiful to race.  Be careful around the track.


I built a 1/18 scale model kit of this car about 40 years ago.  What a unique and wonderful machine!


I saw the original at Watkins Glen in ‘76. Amazing then and still today.  As usual, the rule makers eliminate innovations.

Intermediate Driver

Have a pic hanging in the shop of the original at speed at Monaco '77. Four of us flew to Nice for a long weekend when we all followed F1 and were not disappointed. Jodi talked with us at Nice airport the day following the race, good times and great memories.

happy motoring everyone


Pit Crew

I did both . . saw it at the '76 Glen and built the model as soon as it went on sale; also, did Hunt's car as well.  Wonderful kits but oh so fragile over time.  All I have left is the memories.  

Intermediate Driver

My all time favorite F1 race car. Back in the olden days when each make was as different as the next.......Very cool!!! 

New Driver

I too got to watch them race at Watkins Glen in 1976.  They were absolutely awesome and easily the crowd favorite.  I still have my AF-X G-Plus P34 even if the slot car track is long gone.  For some reason I lost interest in the P34 when they changed the upper portion of the body and painted it white.