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This Tyrrell P34 continuation is a six-wheeled dream machine | Hagerty Media

When it comes to experiments and innovations in Formula 1, there has never been a period quite like the 1970s. During that decade, Lotus changed the basic look of F1 cars forever, adding side radiators and a closed nose, briefly trying a four-wheel drive turbine-powered car, and perfecting ground effects.
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That car was famous for bedroom wall posters.

I wish more cars like this were reproduced so we could see them run. The originals are so valuable they are becoming rare to see operating unless it is owned by Nick Mason.

Somehow there were innovations in F1 when the team budgets wouldn't have covered the teams' current social media budgets. 


I was fortunate to actually see the 6 wheeler race at Watkins Glen back in the day. I thought it was amazing. And I have some pictures that I took. I would love to have one in my garage, preferably one of the originals, but a continuation would be OK. I remember about 10 years ago or so when one was for sale in Great Britain, I wish I had bought it, especially since F1 cars where reasonable as opposed to what they go for today!
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But where did they get the 10" tires?
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... golf carts!

Avon has access to the original molds. And supposedly they have 2 employees who where involved in the original project, they must be getting up there in years! And Avon is not jjust making tires for the 2 continuation cars, don;t forget there are owners taking these cars out on the track and they need new tires.....and when you want a new set for the front, you are not just getting 2 tires, but 4!
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I have no PROOF of this but what I have observed over the years is that when a new, exciting, provocative or effective deviation from the norm... that may prove to be a "winner", the sanctioning bodies generally find a way of smothering it.

I cite, turbine engines, multi-wheeled vehicles, racism, and sexism as a few examples...


You had me until your examples. Sanctioning bodies have smothered racism and sexism? If only. And everything other than unicycles are multi-wheeled.

This story rekindled my interest in this amazing car! I was wondering how many where actually made and it turns our there where 7 chassis built as the article states. Chasis 1 was a prototype and never races and another chassis was just used for testing, so there where 5 race cars. And the article states 2 where destroyed so 5 remain. They where called 34B in the second year. There was an 8th tub that was never used, but supposedly fitted with the the V6 turbo but that idea was scrapped as the P34 program was scrapped for 1978. At some point in time the 8th tub was finished and sold to a collector in Mexico. I wonder where the 5 real ones are today and the psuedo real chassis 8 are today? The top of the early cars are in blue as in the picture, but later ones had a white top with the First National Bank Travelers Checks livery, I remember Travelers Checks! I consider myself fortunate to have seen them race at Watkins Glen back in the day!
Of course you may have seen 2 of them in the movie Rush! That was supposedly the first time since the 70s that 2 P34s where in the same location! After the program ended, Tyrell sold all the chassis except the one Jody Scheckter won the Swedish Gran Prix with in 1976 (this would have been chassis 3 or 4 as chassis 2 was driven by Depailler that year),
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I am friends with one of the owner(s) of the Technik Museum Sinsheim in Stuttgart, Germany, where there is one example of these incredible cars. I was fortunate enough to be able to check it out, albeit from a distance as the car is displayed in a clear acrylic case. I highly recommend visiting this establishment if you are planning to be in Germany as it is a gearheads fantasy land. It is also an amazing collection of militaria, planes and other collectibles.