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Hagerty Employee

This sure looks like the 2021 BMW M4

We're really doing this, aren't we? Earlier today, the Instagram page "contentment_cars" posted a photo of what appears to be the upcoming 2021 BMW M4. Yep, there's that grille.


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I'm very disappointed that since Audi presented an oversize grill a few years ago all of the other import manufacturers had to chime in with bigger and then bigger grill treatment to compete and surpass the size of Audi's. Toyota is the perfect example of a garish interpretation of Audi. I think the American tastes driving force behind bigger is better. Of course now Audi has redesigned their grill, I must say the new grill is far from a garish design.

Hagerty Employee

While I agree that Americans designers, especially lately, think bigger is better (The front end of the new Silverado is a perfect example), I think it’s a bit hasty to pin this whole thing on Audi. BMW said that the Chinese market wants larger, more distinctive front ends. That’s part of the story, but in the end it’s more likely to do with BMW just trying out ways to make the style-driven models stand out more.