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Hagerty Employee

This stunning 1949 Packard is linked to one of baseball’s greatest pitchers

Former Major League Baseball star Christy Mathewson died nearly 90 years ago, so he’s hardly a household name these days—particularly when the subject is cars. A gorgeous automobile has put him back into the spotlight, however, despite the fact that Mathewson never owned (nor even saw) the vehicle before his untimely death.


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Pit Crew

WOW! what a find!


Gorgeous car "Ask the man who owns one" unfortunately not me.  Thanks for the excellent photos,  

Advanced Driver

It's very simple. The car is stunning, if I had more room and was not economically concerned about the future I would write the check. I've had Packards; I know how good they are.

New Driver

A fabulous looking car and wonderful photos to prove it.  Nice to see the detail photos as well as " full on" close ups.  

New Driver

About 30 years ago,traveling to and from a job, I used to pass a yard of old cars that was part of a utility trailer / backyard shed outlet. I noticed a two door car at the back that was distinctive and unusual to me. Because of it's grill I eventually found out it was a Packard when perusing some coffee table books. I don't know if it was deluxe club sedan or not. It was very close if not the same model as the car featured in this story. 

It sat there for a few years and I stopped a few times to look it over. I always imagined it as a cool and different car to build a hot rod with, staying true to the original exterior and interior. It was a a dream that never got off the ground.


Did the term sedan mean something different in 1949, because the car in the pictures looks like a coupe to me? Gorgeous either way. 

Pit Crew

The post makes it a two door sedan.

Pit Crew

I always thought of post-war Packards as being a bit, well, ugly.  The mid-50's models seem sort of bulbous and ill-proportioned (at least to my eye).  But I have to admit that this '49 Deluxe Club Sedan is a thing of beauty.  I'll have to begin viewing post-war Packards from a different perspective.


Wow. This car is a real beauty. When you look inside, you can see that Packard really did build cars to rival the best from Europe at the time. So while the outside is very much 'of its time' (I think it looks great) the interior is really what makes Packard's like this so special.

Intermediate Driver

Looks like a tudor sedan to me, this is a full sized car.   My dad almost bought one in late '49, his cousin owned a Packard dealership.  Then, the '50 Fords came out, he ended up buying a new Ford club coupe, I hated that small back seat but didn't matter, I had my own car by then.   I did use it however, tore low gear out one night ... bad idea ~~


I have this exact car except the color of mine is desert tan and it only has 12,000 original miles.The flat 8 runs like a beast.