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Hagerty Employee

This Savoy is Mopar's link to super-stock stardom-and my connection to my dad | Hagerty Media

From 1961 to '64, my dad Fred worked at Al Roberts Plymouth in Garden Grove, California, where he managed the used-car lot. In the first year or so that he worked there, Al Roberts tried several times to get my dad to take a new Plymouth as a demonstrator that he could drive for free.
Pit Crew

My dad was finally able to afford his first new car in 1963. It was a Dodge Polara 330, slant 6, push button torqueflight, bench seats, am radio, etc. In 1974 it became my first car. By then it was badly rotted, as Mopars tended to do, but I loved it! I drove the hell out of that thing for a couple of years, and then it’s life came to an end from a fatal thrown rod (too many neutral drops with that push button torque flight?). But that connection with my dad I will never forget. He was so proud of that car, his first new car....only to become my first car! Cars become a part of the family, they hold so many memories. Some people get that, many don’t.
Pit Crew

What a Great story!! We have a 66 Mustang GT my brother bought new. In our garage and still driven in decent weather. Had it for 41 years!!

ah, such great times
New Driver

Great Story....I always thought the '63 and '64 Furys were the best out of Chrysler. I currently have a '63 Golden Commando which unfortunately is for sale. Your Plymouth will always be a great reminder of your dad.
Intermediate Driver

I love a story like this. I managed to hold onto my family heirloom. In 1967, my grandfather gave my mother his 1955 Studebaker President because the dealer wouldn't give him much in trade on a 1968 Skylark. In 1971, we went to Hershey and found out there was a club for folks like us and car shows became a lifestyle. I've had others since but The Great Scott is still in my driveway.
Pit Crew

Beautiful--the story and the car.

Cool car, better story. Thanks!