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This river-find Porsche 911 restoration is the definition of project insanity

If before and after photos of a restoration are a favorite of yours, then gird yourself for a wild transformation. Recently gaining traction on the Porsche specialty forum Rennlist, this river-find 993 project is a particular brand of crazy I just have to respect. You'd have to be a madman to have the sheer ambition to take it on.


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Replies (5)

Replies (5)

What is he actually saving? Possibly the floor pan and some plastic bits? Everything else will need replacing or serious reconditioning. Makes as much sense as getting a Porsche parts catalogue and building one from scratch. Actually, that might be a better idea.

Pit Crew

Reminds me of an insurance company client I had long ago that insisted that I write a repair estimate on every car, even ones that were obvious total losses. On a car in similar condition to this one I simply wrote "remove wheel covers, install on new car." 


Insane? Maybe, but I admire his commitment!


Great story, keep us updated! On the subject of similarly insane restoration projects, I am curious to see how the rebuild of the fire-damaged Monaco F40 is going, and also I'd like to know whether the Jon Hunt Miura SV that caught fire in London back in 2014 has ever been restored... both insane restoration projects but given the value of these cars, probably financially doable.


Wow!  I owned a 993 Porsche for a short time and the one thing that most impressed me about the car was how difficult it was to service and repair.  Even a very straight and well maintained 993 is a challenge to the home mechanic.  The other thing about most German cars is the expense of restoring them.  People who restore German cars know that you can easily put far more money into them than you will ever sell them for.


Finally, in today's finicky market, the slightest flaw in the CarFax will cause the Greek Chorus on Bring A Trailer to howl in alarm.  I have an E 30 with an accident on the CarFax that will hurt the value when I sell.  This car may be very hard to sell.


But then again, the thing that makes the car restoration/collecting world so much fun is guys like this.  Good Luck with this challenging project.

Intermediate Driver