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Hagerty Employee

This Ringbrothers Blazer is as cool as it is expensive

With most in-person auctions postponed for the foreseeable future, online auctions have been really stepping up their consignment game with some incredibly cool vehicles. This 1972 Chevy Blazer built by Ringbrothers is quite possibly the coolest first-generation Blazer out there. Read the full article on

Intermediate Driver

"You gets what you pay for"...have seen their work close-up and its always jaw dropping...the best part its innovative and thought provoking and for those of us who build our own stuff....well....its simply inspiring....hopefully their next build will again can't come soon enough....great entertainment in trying times.

Pit Crew

I have to say this is a stunning truck.  There are virtually no areas that can be "picked" on it, as it's an INCREDIBLE build!  That being said, I'm not saying it DIDN'T cost $300,000 to build, but I am asking WHY it cost $300,000 to build?  Ring Brothers didn't create this truck, they re-built what GM had already built.  Aside from the very few bespoke items (wheels, hood, center and left side dash consoles - and they left off the steering column finishing piece that area? - elongated fenders / quarter panels), they accomplished a superb restomod of a '72 Blazer.  Unless they charged the owner $150,000 for paint, I just can't find the justification on that price.  Is it just the name Ring Brothers?  Look, I fully appreciate exceptional work, and this truck is exceptional.  I just am shocked at both the alleged cost to build the truck and the purchase price at auction.  Both RB and the Seller are winners here, but for a high-volume vehicle with no real intrinsic value, is the new purchaser going to be the one to ultimately feel the pain?

Intermediate Driver

300 grand for a redneck Ferrari. 

Only in America. 


I find it hard to believe this build actually cost $300K, maybe $150K at best which is till insane. Awesome truck nonetheless!