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Hagerty Employee

This radial chopper is patently absurd—and it's awesome

The motorcycle world embraces a far more diverse range of engine layouts than the automotive world does. A bike's packaging is more flexible, and its demands for cooling and heat management are lax compared to even a basic car. Just how wild you can get in the two-wheeled kingdom? Take a look at this JRL Cycles Lucky 7 and its radial powerplant.


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Pit Crew

No video of it running or tearing down the road? Typical Hagerty


Community Manager

No doubt! I am making the change now. 

New Driver

I understand and appreciate the thrill of accepting and overcoming an engineering challenge - for decades my thing has been building motorcycles for riders with disabilities - but I'm not sure there will ever be a useful application for the ingenuity deployed here.


But I could be wrong.  If folks are willing to spend stupid money for these things, I guess that's a 'useful appliaction' for the builder!