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Hagerty Employee

This petite Daimler roadster was built to bring London's rowdy café racers to justice

We can see that confused look on your face, and we sympathize: The 1961 Daimler SP250 isn't exactly the most beautiful British sports car ever built. This one, however, is even more peculiar than it looks. The petite roadster, originally known as the Dart, is one of 26 used by the London Metropolitan Police Department from 1961-64 as a high-speed pursuit vehicle.

I've always been puzzled by the British penchant for building topless cars in a country that doesn't permit one to enjoy them very often, weather-wise. Apparently, the hordes of cafe racers must also have been restricted to going fast on dry days as well, so the bobbies were on semi-equal ground when it was time to chase the miscreants down. I wonder how successful they really were! One thing is still true: nobody can outrun a Motorola...