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Hagerty Employee

This Panoz Roadster packs impressive provenance in unobtainum brown

The Panoz family has a long and illustrious history in motorsports, but did you know that Nancy Panoz (wife of Don Panoz) ordered her very own Panoz Roadster in 1993 in one of the era’s most subtle shades? These roadsters look like a cross between a bug-eyed Lotus Seven and a streamlined Plymouth Prowler, and Mrs. Panoz’s Mocha Mist example mixes things up with a shade that’s worthy of a Mercedes 500E, a stark contrast to the brash, race-ready colors expected from a high-performance sports car.


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Advanced Driver

This one is far too nice, but I'd love to modify a well-used Panoz Roadster to resemble a development of an Allard J2. I'd mount the fenders to the body, shave the bumpers, move the headlights back and up a bit, paint it in a black lacquer, go to five stamped wheels of the same size, mounting the spare on the passenger  side between the door and the fender, and possibly fit a grill.  It would probably seem like a fool's errand to someone down the road, but I can't afford a decent Allard and I doubt I'd enjoy the front camber change if I could.