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Hagerty Employee

This one-of-four 1970 Coronet is a heavy-hitting Hemi

The 426 Hemi didn't just set the benchmark of performance in the ’60s and early ’70s, it utterly dominated motorsports until rules made it no longer feasible to run. While the Hemi was a fearsome beast both on and off the track, relatively few buyers opted to stuff the elephant motor under the hood of their brand-new car. It was an incredibly expensive option which seduced only the most serious (and well-off) performance addicts. While anyone with a passing interest in muscle cars knows that Hemi ’Cuda Convertibles are the most sought after for their rarity, few realize that other models are just as uncommon. Mecum is offering one such example at its rescheduled Indy sale this July.


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The only thing that would make this car better is if it was an unrestored original. (I assume it is restored.)