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Hagerty Employee

This newly acquired Chrysler Turbine had better get ready for some exercise | Hagerty Media

Last month, Mark Hyman sold a rare 1963 Chrysler Turbine car and promised that its new owner wouldn't remain anonymous for long. He wasn't kidding. The iconic experimental car's new home was revealed Thursday morning on Fox & Friends: it now belongs to Stahl's Auto Museum, in Chesterfield, Michigan.
Advanced Driver

How is power calculated for these engines? 425 lb-ft of torque at over 22,000 RPM would equate to about 1,800 horsepower, although nothing about the Chrysler Turbine cars' performance suggests that they made more than 130 horsepower.
Intermediate Driver

Yes, something isn't right. Maybe 425 lb-ft is the torque output from the gearbox?
Pit Crew

The peak torque was at stall. Specs are 130 hp @ 3600-rpm output shaft speed, 425 lb-ft @ zero rpm output shaft speed.
New Driver

Congrats on the acquisition!
As a youngster, I would see a Chrysler Turbine every now & then, whoever had it drove the roads south of Buffalo, NY.
Intermediate Driver

Rode in one of these as a child. My dad was in middle management at Chrysler, and one of his buddies in upper management brought one over to our house one weekday evening. Even then, I was really intrigued by cars, and that ride around my neighborhood is one of those seemingly random memories that is burned into my brain!
New Driver

I would just like to point out that you have listed the serial number incorrectly.
The Kleptz car's serial number is 991231 - 99 means it was experimental, 12 identified the Ghia program and 31 is the number assigned at Greenfield where the assembly was finished.
The car my family had in 1965 was finished just after the Kleptz car 991232.
All the bodies had a number that Ghia placed above the mirror in the trim work - those numbers seem to have no correlation with the serial number Chrysler assigned.
Community Manager

Thank you for this correction, and for giving us this detailed info!  We have changed the error on the serial number. Again, much appreciated! 

New Driver

I saw my first and only at an SCCA road race at Greenwood Roadway in Iowa. My concern when reading this article is that they intend to drive it on its original tires. I certainly wouldn't take ANY car out on 58 year old tires!
New Driver

Trust me, we will take every safety precaution!
New Driver

I saw one of these cars in a museum east of Denver somewhere when I took the highway directly south of Cheyenne WO in the early 2000’s
It would be interesting to know where that particular car went, anyone know?