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Hagerty Employee

This modified 1975 Trans Am is pro-touring perfection

Some cars just tick all the right boxes. We’ve all experienced it: You’re scrolling through for-sale listings and a car makes you stop and do a double take. The most recent ride that arrested our routine scrolling is this pro-touring 1975 Pontiac Trans Am on Bring a Trailer. While it looks like a pretty standard Trans Am with 18-inch wheels, a closer look reveals much more. 


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No real specs? Come on! Beautiful example of what I think of when I think pro touring. While I like the ls engine, I wonder why they decided not to go with true Poncho power. A built 455, or even 400 would have been better. When I see shops dropping in crate engines, the words lazy and cheap come to mind. Why? Because it is less legwork to source parts, and it is cheaper to drop in a crate engine even though they are up-charging the end user. A built 455 would easily make the claimed power of that LS. A 400 would as well. And both would have been Pontiac DNA. 



Intermediate Driver

You didn't read the article or view the pictures. They stated that it is Pontiac powered and made a point of stating how it wasn't LS powered like most builds of this type. Engine is a 461 with a Butler Performance stroker kit.
New Driver

Poncho powered. Stroked 400.

I think I'd call it a resto-mod.

Nice ride !