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Hagerty Employee

This modernized Vincent could be the perfect cafe racer | Hagerty Media

The act of modifying one's motorcycle is as old as the motorcycle itself, but taking those modifications to the level of a reimagination is a relatively new idea. It requires both craft and taste to blend yesterday's aesthetics with today's technology-two qualities which Patrick Godet, judging from this build, possesses in spades.

Oh my God, that thing's beautiful !
Intermediate Driver

How can anyone modify a classic Vincent like that? Looks sweet but I don't know about that.

I’m normally a staunch believer in originality, too. But Egli-Vincent motorcycles have a long rich history; and they have achieved a level of acceptance in the classic motorcycle world that far surpasses typical modified bikes. This is not a one-off; and calling it a “restomod” is actually insulting to this wonderful example.

Demotes it from a true "Widow-maker" to a mere "Divorce-enhancer."
[BigHurt voice: "And she'll like it, too!"]
Pit Crew

this is not a modified Vincent, it is an Egli Vincent, essentially a design from over a decade after Vincent was closed, and then the build was continued in France by Godet with Egli's blessing. Is a Rickman Triumph a modified Triumph? hardly!
BTW, modern built Vincent engines are currently being built in Australia, so one can have a completely modern built bike with an engine essentially from the '50s!
Back to the original Vincents, one might say the engine was the claim to fame, the rest was not much good, the lack of a frame and crude suspension meant the handling was poor and the brakes were worse!
New Driver

Agree, it already is a "resto-mod". My Dad used to race his Gilera Saturno in Switzerland and tragically on a track he saw a competitor get killed on a turn. Someone watching with a Vincent said "I can take that turn at 100!" They all watched him crash and unfortunately he didn't make it home that day either. You are right, the Vincent was all engine, there's a reason Egli is so popular.
Intermediate Driver

This is going to make some people mad, but Erik Buells' original R Series bikes come very close to this. Big V Twin, tube chassis, great brakes and handling and better than 130 mph top speed with a bone stock 1200 Sportster engine. (Except for the RR1000 which had a twin carb XR-1000 engine). Add in very limited production numbers...50 RR1000's, 60 RR1200's and 110 RSS1200's worldwide and you have an up and coming classic. Not quite the panache' of the Vincent moniker but I would list them on the very short list of classic cafe' racers along with the Dunstall Dominator, Seely Condor and the Rickman Street Metisse'. Good job by all!!

I am very curious how history will treat the more recent Erik Buell creations. My crystal ball has been broken for the last few years, so I guess I'll just have to wait and see.

bikes - unlike cars - may B modded from 1st sight (on paper, vid screen, etc) as a regular course of events. So its in the 2 wheeled genes, but like ur self - "to a Vincent" classic? I might say. Nah! thats what they were bought for...