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Hagerty Employee

This Model T pickup is a perfect example of a preservation car

The automotive world has a love affair with restorations. The idea that we can return our beloved automobiles to their exact condition when new, preserving them for posterity, is appealing for a whole host of reasons. The process allows us as owners to effectively time travel when we drive it—so long as we don't catch a glimpse of any graying hair in the rear-view mirror.


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Intermediate Driver

The good thing about a Model T is that it looks just as good whether restored or left in ratty original condition. People just love to see these most historic of cars either way. They should be driven lots too as they are one of the most reliable cars ever built. Mine is restored but I drive it everywhere. Touching up chips with more black paint is easy.

Pit Crew

With the costs of restoration so high, we will see more and more preserved cars.  And why not?  A mechanically sound classic, showing its age is a wonderful combination. Get these cars on the road instead of sitting in the barn forever WAITING for those restoration funds to be available.


I have seen neglect as justification for "keeping it as it was originally built".  I don't think we should celebrate neglect or create a special judging class for neglected vehicles.

Larry Kenworthy