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Hagerty Employee

This MGB Roadster is an EV in disguise

It may look like a classic, but this MGB Roadster is actually an all-new EV, powered by Formula E technology. Designed by British specialist RBW EV Classic Cars, the MGB uses a brand-new heritage body shell, and a bespoke, patented electric powertrain ... Read the full news on


New Driver

OK so $140,000 for a handmade car is not something I would consider, but I love the idea of having a classic car, or a simply body shell, made into an EV car..I believe that you can buy an electric Beck Speedster, so keep them coming!!



Am I missing something here? It's a new car, not a restoration, and it meets pretty much none of the modern safety requirements that other new carmakers have to conform to, yet it doesn't even have to cheat by only having 3 wheels? (wink wink)