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This matched set of Impalas is responsible for six decades of cruising bliss

I love my two ’58 Chevys, and there isn’t enough money in the world to buy them from me. It would be like parting with a family member.


On October 9, 1961, I walked onto a small used-car lot in Dearborn, Michigan, and drove off in my first 1958 Impala. My fiancé and I had been driving down Michigan Avenue when I spotted the Snowcrest White convertible. I’m not sure why, but at the time, I knew I wanted it. We went back the next week, but the Impala was gone. I was heartbroken. We pulled into the dealership to ask if someone had purchased the car. Turns out, it was in the back of the lot being detailed.


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Thanks for the story, Jan!! It's awesome to read about another woman who is a "car guy"!! You are an inspiration to me!  I should get wrenching on my '66 LeMans!! 

New Driver