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Hagerty Employee

This matched set of Impalas is responsible for six decades of cruising bliss

I love my two ’58 Chevys, and there isn’t enough money in the world to buy them from me. It would be like parting with a family member.


On October 9, 1961, I walked onto a small used-car lot in Dearborn, Michigan, and drove off in my first 1958 Impala. My fiancé and I had been driving down Michigan Avenue when I spotted the Snowcrest White convertible. I’m not sure why, but at the time, I knew I wanted it. We went back the next week, but the Impala was gone. I was heartbroken. We pulled into the dealership to ask if someone had purchased the car. Turns out, it was in the back of the lot being detailed.


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This is quite the impressive story--a woman who has done a lot of car restoration, and who has two '58s (the '58 is one of my three favorite years for Chevys), one that she got in '61, and in impeccable condition. I would have liked to hear more about her wrenching, as well as the love story that began over one of the '58s!

Intermediate Driver

So many people love '55, '56 and '57 Chevys.  I always loved '58s, '59s and '60s.

Pit Crew

Thank you, Jan! Love your story of love for your cars. Happy days.


When I started to read this story I just assumed these were a guys cars. So refreshing to see a love of these old  cars from the other gender.

New Driver

Absolutely gorgeous for this couple!  I forwarded this article to my cousin, Robert who had this year Impala 2-dr coupe in Jersey City with probably a 283 in it. I was only in Snyder high school at the time and used to start drooling, looking at the car as he went by. Ahh, those were the days!

New Driver

I, too, like the '58 Chevys.  My first car was a '58 Bel Bir 2d ht iIbought off the back lot of the local Chevy dealership for $350.00 in 1966.  What a great car!  I wish I could buy one now for that!


Just an outstanding article! Impala’s are phenomenal! Love to see this lady’s other cars. Bonneville’s also phenomenal! Kudos to this lady and her husband! 🙂

Intermediate Driver

Thanks for the story, Jan!! It's awesome to read about another woman who is a "car guy"!! You are an inspiration to me!  I should get wrenching on my '66 LeMans!! 

New Driver

Great story, I too love the body lines of a 58, and nice to have a choice between both depending on the Michigan weather...enjoy! Maybe see you at Woodward sometime in my 62 Impala.