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Hagerty Employee

This is your best look yet at Cadillac’s CT4-V Blackwing

Earlier this summer, spy photographers caught a glimpse of Cadillac’s upcoming CT4-V Blackwing testing near Milford. Much to our delight, our camera-wielding comrades snagged additional, close-up shots of Cadillac’s top-rung small sports sedan earlier this week. Have a gander ... See the full story on



Intermediate Driver

Excited to see what they really do with these. Too bad there won't be a 2 door version like my ATS-V, but alas. Another fun fast car with a stick is not something I will complain about!


Looks like my '06 STS, but shortened. Ought to be great fun at around 500HP for sure!

Wish they'd also make it in a nice, big STS (or still better, an even longer one like the Chinese market only SLS) for older farts like me to navigate like a proper land yacht when not in a sports car or truck, or astride a "proper" bike (gasoline-powered) 😉