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This International Wagonmaster is a rare truck fallen on hard times

Many of us have been lately burning up free time to surf classifieds online, and now and again something pops up that makes you turn up your screen’s brightness and refresh the page to make sure it’s for real. Case in point, this 1973 International Wagonmaster advertised on Facebook Marketplace in Colorado is about as obscure of a find as it gets.


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Replies (4)

Replies (4)

Never new these existed!! Ahead of their time as usual! A side view would be nice!


Tailgate looks decent. Almost everything else is Travelall, not nearly as scarce. You'd have to be an IHC enthusiast to love this, though.

Pit Crew

It shouldn't be restored, just get it running and driving and enjoy it!


Weird -- never knew about these! Looks like that one needs some considerable TLC, however.

Hagerty Employee