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Hagerty Employee

This humble '83 Volvo wagon hides an exotic lineage | Hagerty Media

I've always been a fan of boxy Volvos, particularly the 245 wagon. I love the crisp, clean lines and purposeful design. I've had a 1990 DL for a while now, but I got an itch for another, so I cast a worldwide net.

what is the exotic lineage? That it is from Italy?

Well, it's a stick-shift, and Wikipedia's engine description reads:

"The 2.0 L (1,986 cc) 100 kW (136 PS) B19ET was sold in certain markets where engines of over 2–litre displacement were heavily taxed, such as Italy. The engine has the same stroke as all other redblocks, the smaller displacement is the result of a smaller bore at 88.9 mm × 80 mm (3.50 in × 3.15 in). It is a very robust engine with forged pistons (made by Kolbenschmidt). The B19 later turned into the B200 low friction engine."

The Turbocharger raises the above-listed power output.
The rear seat configuration and sidelights didn't make it to U.S. models.

My first brand new car ever was an 83 GLT2SRO, it was an awesome car and I had it for 18 years. It was as nice when I sold it as it was when I bought it. I was working as a Jaguar and Lotus technician and Volvo was our main line, if I recall I paid $13,382.00 for it and I sold it 18 years later for $8,000.00. While the above description may be confusing it was Volvo's official name of the car, it was a GLT, 2 Door, Sunroof with a 4 Speed and a Laycock Overdrive Unit.

These are great cars and go on for ever if they don't rust away, I think they're also very good looking cars, I like the boxy look.
Advanced Driver

240 Volvos: Another "best cheap used car" that are morphing into collectability and rising values. Easy to work on, durable (except earlier wire harness disintegration & A/C) and utile in wagon form. My newborn daughter came home from the hospital in our 240 wagon.
Today's best bet "cheap used car": late model Crown Victoria, especially a low idle hour P71 Interceptor.

Bought an Italian market (benzene level, olio pressure, KPH) BMW 1602 way back when, from a GI who had brought it back to the states. Owner's manual in Italian, lira coins and Italian soda bottle caps under the rear seat cushion. Good little car, but had to do math in my head to figure out how far over the speed limit I was going.
Pit Crew

What a delightful and refreshing article! I would love to see more like this sharing personal acquisition experiences. The positive ending may have helped my positive reaction.
Pit Crew

There are probably mph stickers you can put over the glass in front of the kph numbers. My first (of 5) Volvos was delivered in 1967 in Sweden with mph, so I acquired the metric sticker while I used it in Europe. Since then I have had a 145, 245, V40 and V50. The 245 lasted 23 years before it succumbed to rust. Not having to replace it during college years helped to afford Ivy League tuition. The V50 is now 14 and going strong. Since Volvo doesn’t seem to offer a 3-pedal version in NA any more, it will have to see me out.

Great story. Wonderful car.

Cool article. But...what is the "exotic lineage"? Sounds like a rather normal lineage, honestly - not that there is anything wrong with that.
Intermediate Driver

The moment my old 142s gives up the ghost, I'll be in the market for one of these.